Fabric – 70% Madagascar with Orange and Walnut


Our Hungarian producer Fabric delivers us a classic combination of chocolate and orange with the addition of walnut in their classic fashion which is full of love and passion.

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The cocoa beans used in the making of this bar come from Madagascar and are characterized by high acidity reminiscing this of citrus with a floral-honey point and slight earthy smokiness in the background. Cocoa content here is just high enough to provide a rich mouthfeel without getting too acidic. The addition of orange extract enhances the naturally bright and citrusy aroma of the cocoa beans used in this bar and in our opinion sweetens it up just a bit as orange tends to be the sweeter citrus. The crunch of walnuts adds a nice touch leading to a more satisfying and interesting texture as well as compliments the natural slight earthiness of the chocolate. Despite being dark chocolate, this creation remains bright and uplifting. We like it especially for the cold Christmas season but not only.


Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, orange extract, walnuts.

Nutrition facts per 100g: Energy value – 2172 kJ/ 520 kcal; Fat – 38,14 g, of which saturates – 21,05 g; Carbohydrates – 34,35 g, of which sugars – 23,86 g; Fiber – 0,57 g; Protein – 8,57 g; Salt – 0,36 g; Alcohol – 0,30 g.

Minimum cocoa content: 70%. May contain traces of milk, gluten, and nuts.

Keep in a cool and dry place at 16±4 ºC. Made in Hungary.

Produced by: Zurg and Fabric Inc., Kalotaszeg utca 15, Budapest, Hungary.

80 g

Fabric – Hungary

Cocoa percentage

70% – 84%

Cocoa origin